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The Aurora Group is the union of three unique restaurants in Sainte-Maxime: La Voile, L’Amiral and La Réserve. Since 2015, a family of passionate entrepreneurs decided to create these restaurants in order to offer an unforgettable culinary experience by the sea, in the heart of Sainte-Maxime. Their story is that of a perfect fusion between quality products and exceptional know-how. Without further ado, immerse yourself in the world of Aurora and discover its three establishments in Sainte-Maxime. Explore our varied menus that promise to delight your taste buds with delicious, generous and flavorful cuisine.

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Discover our three restaurants in Sainte-Maxime, which open their doors to you all year round to offer you a unique experience full of flavors by the sea. It is always in a friendly atmosphere that we welcome you!  

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It all starts in 2015
The story

It was in 2015 that the story began, when a creative person met a family of entrepreneurs. Together, they decide to open their first restaurant. Subsequently, they will open other restaurants, offering three today: La Voile, L’Amiral and La Réserve. Their shared passion for good products and Sainte-Maxime allows them to create exceptional restaurants.  

Flavor & Gluttony

All our establishments are different in their cuisine, their atmosphere, their decoration and their specialty, but they all come together around common values such as flavors, delicacies and good products. None of your visits to one of the Aurora Group restaurants will be like the previous one.

Smile & Attention
The experience

Each establishment strives to offer you great experiences from A to Z: from the welcome to the meal, we serve you with benevolence and kindness. Each member of our team is very welcoming and offers you good times, always with a smile. Our establishments are ideal for your family meals, your candlelit dinners, your afterworks or your business lunches.